Thursday, March 14, 2013

Anatomy of a Colorway: A Preview

Hellllooooo! My leg is much better this week. I stood all day Saturday at Green With Indie, dyed a full weeks worth of yarn in the last 2 days, and managed to (sort of) clean (some of) the apartment and I'm fine. Maybe a leetle bit of nerve pain, but whatevs. I can deal with that. Thank you, Voodoo Vince! Your reverse voodoo really works! 
Green with Indie booth - soaps, yarns, fiber & hand dyed scarves from Katatomic Labs.
Last week I started working on new colorways. I start by trying new color ideas on combed top. Spinning fiber is much more forgiving of bad color choices than yarn is. If a color doesn't work on fiber, you can simply rip it out. Not so with yarn. Luckily, every colorway I tried worked out mostly the way I wanted it to. YAY! Time for yarn.
The yarn gave me fits. A, B & C dyed up just fine. 

I ran out of the right color dye on E and am waiting for more. D & F turned out....not right. They're pretty, but not like the fiber at all. 
Confession: I do not actually think the color on the left is pretty.
 I tried 3 times more on color D and once more on color E. 
I felt inspired yesterday and tried out a seventh color. 
That left me with a pile of Color D rejects. Did someone say overdye? All the new colors above, and the overdyes below will be in the shop as soon as I can think of some decent color names. Tomorrow? Next week? Confession: I'm terrible at time management and planning ahead. :P [ETA: Let's say Tuesday morning...ish.]


  1. A. Princess. I don't know why.
    B. Violet Forest.

    I don't have ideas for the rest of them yet. :)

  2. Maple Leaves
    Neon Nightmare (or dream)

    I like Kara's Violet Forest



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