Monday, March 18, 2013

New color names and updated color cards

It took all weekend and picking a lot of brains, but here are the new color names.
New Color Card

A. Paris, At Last (extra points for you if you know the reference without Googling)
B. Garden of Live Flowers
C. Thunderboom
D. Lucy
E. (not ready yet)
F. Ethel
G. Bordello
Plus, the highlighter colors which don't really have names beyond  "Highlighter Yellow", "Highlighter Blue" etc
Many thanks to Lacey, Kara, Sheila, Alice, Lucy and Ethel for help in naming the colorways.The new colorways will be Tuesday at noon central time. I update the Etsy shop first and then within a minute or two the shopping cart software on the website automatically updates with the listings it pulls over from Etsy. So, if you are extra motivated to get a color, you want to be sitting on the Etsy page. Remember, I can always do special orders if your favorite colorway is out of stock.

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