Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My friends figured out a long time ago that I am highly susceptible to peer pressure. For instance, when Annie (who really needs to start blogging again) wants a color that I am highly resistant to, she simply starts a thread on my Ravelry group and generates customer support. That's how she gets me to order BRIGHT NEON DYES.
Neon yellow. No one can look directly at this yarn.
Regular yellow. You can look directly at this yarn...sort of. Don't you kind of want a yellow sweater now? It's called The Annie Effect. She's a trendsetter, that one. The pattern is Vitamin D and so is the sweater - ba da dum.
In the grand tradition of using peer pressure to get things done, Wendy from the Knit1, Heart Too podcast, mentioned that I might maybe possibly be maybe considering selling perfume. Cue the emails asking when perfume will be available. To quote Wendy, "Haha, made you start a business!". Remind me to pinch you later, Wendy! :) Seriously, my friends have some pretty good ideas.

It's true, I did buy carrier oils and perfume roll-on bottles to make myself some perfume out of my favorite soap scents. It's cheaper to buy 50 bottles than to buy 15, so I have a lot of bottles and perfume base. A few friends did ask for some scents to be made up and they liked them. Wendy & Sheila gave the Brown Sugar & Fig scent a great review....and I did like making them...and I am always looking for something fun and easy to do when I'm not working on yarn. See where I'm going here?

I don't have time for at least a month or two to develop line up of scents, to have labels designed and printed, do marketing, and so on. HOWEVER, I would kind of like to explore this whole perfume thing. Is there a need? I want to test this out and here's where you come in.

Here is how this will work: For now, this will be a side project for me. To gauge interest and help me figure out what would be popular if I did put this in the shop, I need your help. I am offering bottle of roll-on perfume for a discounted price of $5 (regularly would be between $6-9), plus shipping. The labels will be handwritten and you will have to email me to order it. For the most part, the scents will be fragrance oils and (not essential oils), except where indicated. They will ship out once a week in a padded envelope first class.

[UPDATE: Wow, the response has been overwhelming! I have more than enough testers for now, so I am closing the coupon offer. However, I will still take orders from anyone who wants to take advantage of the $5 price. Thank you, testers!] Anyone who orders at the reduced rate and fills out a questionnaire after they use the scent will be emailed a coupon code for $3 off a future order. {Edit to add: I will combine the coupon codes up to $9 if you review 3 or more scents. Only 1 coupon code per person, please.}

All of the scents need to come from my existing list of scents below OR be a combination of scents. For instance, if you want Lemon and Rose Garden mixed together, I will do that.

If sales go well, and the feedback is good, then I will ask my graphic designer to make up a label and I will work on getting more "perfumey" scent and essential oils in. Ok? OK!

Summer Honey (all natural)
Soapy Clean (like fresh laundry)
Vine Ripe Tomato (surprisingly light and summery)
Festival of Lights (apple, lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon)
Herbal Essence
Sandalwood Vanilla
Bay Rose
Sweet Meyer Lemon (lemon plus a little vanilla)
Patchouli (Dirty hippy!)
Violet (very light)
Flowering Herb (garden herbs, lavender, lime) (a nice gentle scent)
Rose Garden (strong and rosey as a rose garden should be)
Lavender and Basil (I think this smells just plain clean. Not really like either lavender or basil.)
Euphoria (jasmine, rose, sandalwood, similar to Aveda* Euphoria)
Citrus Cilantro
Cashmere and Cotton (pomelo, bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, hint of patchouli)
Barber Shop (Manly!)
Christmas Wreath
Cedarwood and Sage (EO/FO)
Brown Sugar and Fig (Wendy's favorite)


  1. Replies
    1. I'm getting a pretty good response already from people who want to buy the testers. It looks promising. :) (In case anyone missed it above, email dyeabolicalyarns at gmail dot com to order a tester)

  2. Gah... love the lime cilantro idea.

    Blogging. I can't seem to make myself. I am knitting a new design out of Dyeabolical sops, though. So there.

    1. The citrus in citrus cilantro is a lemon, but I love the idea of lime. Tomorrow I experiment to see if I can recreate that sop. So far I haven't been able to, but maybe now? Maybe. Cross your fingers.

  3. Gah! All my money are belong to you, you evil temptress! Darn you and your pushover ways. Emailing you now...*grumble*


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