Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shop news

Hi! This week will have a lot of blog posts. I have a lot to say! First, the shop news.

  • I have a new logo! What do you think? It is the first time I have updated my logo since I started the company. My friend Mindy worked on it for me. She did an awesome job!
  • I have had a lot of wholesale orders come in the last few weeks. Yay for me, but it means that the shop is a little low on stock right now while I work on them. I will continue to list new yarns and fibers every week as I finish them, but it will be more like 3-4 listings a week instead of the usual 10-20.
    One of several color cards
  •  Dyed-to-order is totally a thing! Some of you know this already, but recently several new customers told me they didn't realize that I could dye most of my regular bases and colors on demand. A list of available colors and bases are here. You can order in one of two ways -- either purchase one of the dyed-to-order listings or email me and I will set up a listing for you.  
  •  If you clicked the link above, you might have noticed 4 listings for individual colors on specific bases. Those colors were samples that will be featured in the Phat Fiber box this month. 
Perfume testers
  •  Perfume! I am still trying to narrow down which scents I want to feature in the shop this fall. Would you like to help? See my newest blog post for ordering information. The testers are $5, plus shipping. IF YOU WERE AN EARLY TESTER, please contact me once you have filled out your survey. Several people filled out anonymous surveys and I have no idea who to credit. I will be posting a different blog post in a few minutes with all of the relevant perfume information. 
and that's all I have! Thanks! 

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