Friday, July 5, 2013

And that was June

June was challenging in both good & bad ways. I didn't blog at all, so here's how June went:

Our sweet Kitty injured herself pretty badly early in the month. She required a lot of attention and care, which sucked up most of my free time.

I had several large wholesale orders with urgent deadlines. There were 2 weeks where my kitchen turned in to a soap factory. Almost 120 pounds of soap went out the door in June, along with 200 hanks of yarns to various shops.

I broke through some kind of workout barrier (*cough*asthma*cough*) and my struggle for 15 minute walks turned in to an hour in the fitness center split between the Procor elliptical, bike and the walk back home. Plus working up the nerve to actually work out in front of the mirrors and jerks with camera phones took up a lot of time. No, I haven't lost pounds or inches because I'm eating my feelings (read on). Somehow being able to work out for an hour doesn't translate in to being able to walk up 3 sets of stairs while carrying groceries or being able to walk from the parking lot to the Japanese Garden at the Botanical garden without gasping for air and mercy, but hey! An hour of cardio is better than 10 minutes of cardio, right?

I finalized a few knitting patterns, had one accepted in to Knit Picks designer program (more on that in the future), started a few new patterns (including a cropped cardi in extended plus sizes), and released a hat pattern. I tried to keep the shop at least semi-stocked, but didn't do very well on that point.

And somewhere in there we let our sweet Kitty go. And it about killed us, too.

Both my husband and I have lost pets before, but neither one of us were prepared for the depth of grieving we have experienced the last week. We thought we were going to lose her when she first injured herself. But then we spent a few weeks nursing her back to health and everything was going better. Then suddenly she couldn't breath or eat or get comfortable and we had to make a decision.

And then I shut down the Sulky Cat shop & Facebook page, because how could I keep it?

So, that was June. Now that June is out of my system, here's to a different July.

The original Sulky Cat

Lady, get this dumb hat off of me.

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