Thursday, July 18, 2013

Retiring Colors

Even colorways need a break sometimes.

The colors below are going in to semi-retirement effective immediately. They will not be available to purchase as single hanks. However, I would be happy to dye any of my semi-retired colors if a buyer commits to buying the entire dye lot. A dye lot is usually 3-6 hanks of yarn or 2-4 braids of fiber depending on the color. Email for more details. 

Many of these colors are being retired because they are made using the labor intensive/messy methods I used way back at the beginning of this dyeing adventure. Some of the colors, like God of Thunder and Gamma Ray, may reappear in the future as a slightly reworked version of itself.
Click to Enlarge. From Left to Right:
  1. Fate, PhD
  2. Carnivale
  3. Dark (K)night
  4. Blue Bruce
  5. Hawthorne
  6. God of Thunder 
  7. Grimace
  8. Indigo
  9. Pudd'nhead
  10. Traveling Tea
  11. Cerulean Coleoptera
  12. Witchiepoo
  13. Adelaide's Lament
  14. 70's Dress Shirt
  15. Seymour Krelborn
  16. Annie
  17. Mock Turtle
  18. Be Mine
  19. Lysander
  20. Sweetheart
  21. Tainted Love
  22. Derby Girl
  23. Spidey
  24. Gamma Ray
  25. Butternut Squish

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  1. And, what a testament, that you have been doing this well for long enough that you are retiring some colorways.


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