Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flashing the Stash

Earlier this week I spent a few hours going through the stash and taking pictures. Time to flash the stash.

Don't judge. It's not all mine. See the top 3 rows of grey, navy, and brown? Those belong to the other fiber artist that lives here. After many years of wedded bliss, we finally merged our most important assets -- our stashes.

I admit, I am shocked at the amount there is. No, not that kind of shocked. The other kind of shocked. I actually thought I had a lot more than I do. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds. Obviously I have a lot of yarn and how much do I need when I never have time to knit anymore? And yet...I think I need more, yes? YES.

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  1. Most of us need more, and, yet, then there is me who does not and needs to continue to knit what she has;-p And, your stash is so much more colorful than mine. I seem to have bought several of the same color family.


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