Thursday, August 29, 2013


My former piano teacher told me that Robert Schumann once tried to strengthen his individual fingers so he could make them stronger and more productive. He would tie back one finger at a time and exercise the others. I bet it was his ring finger that vexed him most. He probably thought, "I could probably knit a sock learn a concerto in a day if only this pesky right ring finger weren't in the way". After about 4 days he probably had to go to Ye Olde Walgreenes and buy a new support glove or something. Just speculating...

I have some some aran weight on the needles. I am about a quarter done with the Moderne Log Cabin blanket by Mason Dixon. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic Cotton. I love it. I might have to start stockpiling this yarn now that I am not dyeing cotton anymore. 
For weeks I have had these yarns sitting on my dining room table (a table on which we never seem to dine).
I get to keep the messy hanks for myself.
They are destined to become the Road Warrior Shawl by Lisa from Sifu Design Studios. Recognize the pink & yellow yarns? I haven't decided yet if I want to do the crochet or the knit version. I have enough yarn for both.

Knit Version
Crochet Version

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