Sunday, November 24, 2013

7 Days to Go, 8 posts to write!

I remembered that I needed to blog yesterday, but I succumbed to a disgusting refrigerator and a pair of socks. I have the most exciting Saturdays.

We are having my family over for a birthday dinner this week and it is inevitable that someone will want to look in our fridge. Ugh, worst chore ever. Our refrigerator is ancient, ill-designed and cramped in to tiny corner. Even if it is just needs a wipe down, everything still has to be taken out just to reach that one spill that has fossilized. Why do we have so much mustard?!? It's an hour and 2 extra strength Excedrins, minimum.

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Post-cleaning, I put on the Socks of Calmness, a pair of french terry alpaca socks I bought from a local alpaca farmer. It's like putting a cover on a bird cage. I just settle down and fall asleep. Alpaca is a little stabby against my neck, but they are perfect for warm socks. Lovely.

I have been terrible about sharing all of my 30 Days of Gratitude in any kind of public way, but I have been trying to express gratitude every day to someone or something. This week I contacted my first knitting teacher, my 6th grade teacher, to thank her for planting the seeds. It was so nice to be able to tell her that the few weeks she spent sharing her skill turned in to a lifelong love of fiber arts. 

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  1. I think cleaning the frig is a miserable. You get a homemaker GOLD STAR! :D


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