Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Gifts

I feel like I've been eating party food for weeks. I am stuffed beyond all reason. Someone take the sausage balls, pies, crackers, chips, and various pork products out of my kitchen, please. I'm done. Uncle! 

Let's talk handmade birthday & holiday gifts while I slowly digest over the next 364 days.

The two wreaths above are the Cable Vision wreath made from Lion Brand Thick & Quick. I used a size 15 for both, but next time I'm going up to a 17 so I have a little more play in the fabric when sewing it to the wire frame. I am so pleased with how these knit up! One was for a knitting friend and the other for my mother-in-law. I love how easy it is to tuck adornments in to the wreaths or wire decorations in to it. Ann tucked a sprig of colorful berries and added a big ribbon.

Hitchhiker shawl knit from Noro Katsura for my mom. Mom loves Noro and I love garter stitch.
Lichen kerchief knit from linen for my kerchief-loving knit friend.

Scott wanted a scarf that tied his black jacket together with his brown leather hat. Side-to-side garter stitch stripes to the rescue! I improvised this pattern and you can, too. Pick 3 colors. Go to the random stripe generator, choose how wide you want your stripes, and go. I choose stripe widths 1-8 and made the repeat 70 rows total. Using even & odd with numbers creates the bi-color garter ridges on both sides, making the scarf truly reversible.

I gave several handmade gifts that I can't take full credit for, but I do get half-credit! I dyed yarn for most of the projects, and did much of the finishing work for the scarves above and on the cute jacket below.

Kara, who writes the monthly Finished Object posts for me, wanted slipper socks. That works for me. I had been dying to try out the Tin Can Knits Rye pattern. 
And finally, the dog nieces needed something warm.  All 4 pictures of these little monsters are blurry because the dog nieces are furry, adorable perpetual motion machines


  1. Those wreathes are cool! Love, love, love the doggy nieces sweaters! :)

  2. I'd love to see the Cabled Vision pattern!



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