Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Perfume Oil!

Told ya I would launch the perfume line for real one day. Many thanks to Wendy of the Knit1,Heart Too podcast for encouraging me to make perfume and many thanks to all of the testers who gave feedback*. Click here to purchase or scroll to the bottom of this post to read the scent descriptions.
Perfumes are blended from extremely high-quality, phtalate-free, alcohol-free fragrance and/or essential oils. They are then added to your choice of alcohol-free carrier oil. Each vial is .22 fl oz. A little goes a long way with this product!
As with all of my products, I love giving my customers choices. Choose from two different carrier oils. Both are high-quality, but with slightly different properties. Personally, I use coconut oil when I am at home, want a little extra pampering, and have a few minutes to let the oil absorb in to my skin. When I am in a hurry, or on the road, I choose perfumes blended with a silicon-based carrier oil.

*Fractionated coconut oil is an all-natural carrier that absorbs faster than many other perfume oils. It is non-greasy, moisturizing, and absorbs in to the skin within a few minutes. It is a luxurious perfume oil, but it may stain clothing while wet.

*The synthetic alternative is a silicon-based carrier oil. It is a quality ingredient frequently found in high-end bath & body products. It is silky smooth and evaporates within a few seconds, leaving behind only fragrance and a silky smooth finish. Unlike the coconut oil, this carrier evaporates on the skin instead of being absorbed.

Except where noted, all my perfumes are vegan friendly.
For best performance, shake your perfume with the lid on the first few times you use it. Please note that some fragrances cause the perfume to look slightly cloudy. This is the nature of the product and is not indicative of quality.
Brown Sugar & Fig - Brown Sugar & Fig is a customer favorite. Warm brown sugar and ripe fig join together in a subtle, yet intoxicating blend. It isn't too sweet, nor too spicy. It is just right. Apply this scent to your pulse points to add a pleasant scent to your day.

Cedarwood & Sage - Natural cedarwood, clary sage and petitgrain are blended together in this woodsy, masculine scent. Made from essential oils, resins, and fragrance oils.

Citrus Woodland - Keep Christmas with you all through the year with this brisk woodland perfume. Citrus Woodland combines the aroma of fir trees, pine needles, and oranges together for a wonderful winter scent. This is a great masculine or unisex perfume. 

Dirt - Yep, I said "Dirt". This perfume smells of freshly turned earth, simple as that! If you like "Dirt", check out our listing for "Grass".

Orange Cream - If you have ever had a Dreamsicle then you know what this perfume smells like--citrus orange blended with warm vanilla. It smells good enough to eat.

Euphoria - Euphoria is a sophisticated and complex floral scent made from jasmine, wild rose and warm sandalwood essential oils & fragrance.

Fraser - There is just something about a spicy, woodsy, citrusy perfume. This is a great masculine scent, and I love wearing it, as well. This aroma smells of clove, sandalwood, tangerine, and patchouli. This perfume is custom blended by hand by me using essential and fragrance oils. This is a stronger scent, so use sparingly.

Garden Gnome - The Mister half of Dyeabolical designed Garden Gnome as his own signature scent. I can attest that it smells great on a guy! This multi-layered scent contains dirt, grass, tomato, all-natural honey, lime, mint, patchouli, lemongrass, and lemon essential and fragrance oils. This is a stronger scent, so use sparingly.

Grass - Yep, I said "Grass". This perfume smells like a freshly mowed lawn, simple as that! If you like "Grass", check out our listing for "Dirt".

Honey - This all-natural honey perfume starts off musky and mellows out to the scent of pure honey and vanilla.This scent is not vegan.

Lavandin -Lavandin is closely related to lavender and gives this essential oil perfume that wonderful lavender smell that yarn-lovers enjoy so much.

Sandalwood - I have tested a lot of sandalwood fragrances and this one is my favorite. It is pure sandalwood fragrance, with a fresh, woody smell. 

Sandalwood Vanilla - Sandalwood fragrance, blended with vanilla, gives this perfume a sweet, creamy scent.

*If you were a tester and provided anonymous feedback via an online survey, please contact me for your coupon code.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September Soap Club Spoilers

Sign up by the 10th of the month to receive that month's soaps. 
For more information about the Soap of the Month Club, click here.

I have been so excited to show off the first soaps from the inaugural Soap of the Month Club. The September soaps have gone out and everyone should have received their soaps by now.
Everyone received a bar of Lemon Poppy Seed Galaxy Swirl Soap, perfect for using in the kitchen. Subscribers who chose to receive a second bar each month also got a bar of sandalwood soap, layered and hand-stamped with mica stars and Earth.

Prospective members, if you would like to join the soap club, you have through October 10th to get in on this month's bewitching soaps.

Current members, remember that you only have until October 10th to reorder any of September's soaps and still have them ship out with your October shipment. Email me to reorder.