Monday, January 6, 2014

Skew You, Winter!

Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Monday morning
I'm not sure how much snow actually fell in St. Louis, but the snow on my patio is currently at 16". The working theory is that we are the proud owners of our own snow, plus the snow from the people across from us, plus the snow from all 4 buildings in the courtyard. We are never getting our car dug out.

This yarn has been a scarf and 3 different attempts at the Kings Cross socks. The first 2 times I thought I was smarter than the pattern and made the socks way too big. The third time I followed the pattern and the socks were too small. It's not the patterns fault. They are written for a size foot that I don't own and I was apparently in some sort of haze when I tried to resize it.

Kara suggested the Skew socks. Why have I resisted this pattern? I used a sport weight yarn and slightly larger needle than the pattern called for and this first sock fits great. Knits fast, too. I love that you knit this amorphous blob of fabric, then 2 rows later, BAM! Sock.

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