Friday, March 28, 2014

"I can't wear that color"

Last year someone told me that I have a shockingly bad sense of what colors go together when choosing colors for a knitting project. Ok then! Thanks for sharing your opinion. I laughed then, and I laugh now.

Slightly related to the above, I have a soapbox that I need to stand on this morning. I sometimes overhear a customer say, "I can't wear that color". What they means is that they don't like that color, or that the color in question doesn't look as good next to their skin as another color might look, or that someone in their life has imposed their flawed idea of color on them.

"Can't wear that color" is not in my vocabulary. It is the right of every adult who buys their own clothes to pick whichever colors make them happy. And certainly NO ONE has the right to tell you that you CAN'T wear a color. They don't have that authority.

The trick to wearing color is that there is no trick. Do you like what you are wearing? Then it is the right color for you. I look better in pinky purples, but if I want to wear highlighter pink with yellow stripes then I will and I will look good in it. /soapbox

These are the color combinations I can't get out of my mind lately. I'm thinking a shawl, cowl, or scarf is in my immediate future. Any ideas for a color work or striped pattern that takes less than 900 yards?

A. Big Cheddar
Sid Fishious
Fish Bowl

B. Don't Feed The Bears
Eye of Newt
King Of The Pond

C. Polar Vortex
The Pirate's Wife

D. Wicked City Woman
Luthor's Revenge

E. Nehi To A Grasshopper
Moonlight Kisses
Kilt Me Dead

F. King Of The Pond
Polar Vortex

G. Je Ne Sais Quoi
Garden of Live Flowers
King Of The Pond


  1. Yessirribob. I'm down with this. And if one more person tells me, while I'm wearing my AWESOME highlighter yellow sweater, "Wow, not many people can wear that color," I am going to box 'em one in the gob. Well, probably not. But I might say something.

  2. Ann has been such an inspiration to me and I completely agree with you. It's also a trap, When I was younger I could not wear red because I looked like I was on fire, but with the years I find that red is one of my most flattering colors. It's timing and courage. That, plus a fabulous sense of adventure and fun.

  3. I agree that as you age, you should try the colors you thought you couldn't wear. right now I am wearing something more tan than I ever thought I would wear next to my face. In the end, I hold something up to my face, if it makes me smile, I go with it!

    but I'll admit that if I am doing a project for someone else who likes a certain color, I have to find a tone/shade that I like otherwise I just despise the project the entire time.


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