Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome Let's Knit Readers!

Let's Knit, a UK knitting magazine, featured this blog in their monthly Bookshelf feature. Hello new readers! I update here several times a month, plus my friend Kara does a Finished Object round-up every few months.

My origin story began 7 years ago and starts like this, "Once upon a time Rachel was a mild mannered freelance writer from St. Louis, MO. She spent the majority of her free time knitting socks, spinning fiber, drinking far too much coffee, and dyeing bright, seen-from-space colors inspired by my favorite superheroes....." Many years after writing the beginning sentences above, I am still spending the majority of my time knitting, a little less time spinning, and dyeing has taken over my home.

My dye style has evolved over the years. I still have many of the original bright superhero-inspired colorways, but I have added other, more sophisticated, variegated colorways and a line of semi-solids that pop.

My focus has expanded beyond yarn. Since beginning Dyeabolical, I have added spinning fiber, batts, handspun yarns, and soap to my line up. I sometimes experiment with other craft supplies, such as dyed fabric & scarves.

I carry some in-stock items, but the majority of my products are custom made just for you. Check out my shop and browse dyed-to-order yarns, fibers, and handmade soaps. You can find my patterns on Ravelry.

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