Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catching Up

Retiring colors reminder: Off With Her Red, We're All Mad Here, Serendipity, Tequila Sunrise, and Themyscira are retiring at midnight on Friday, May 30.


Hello! I've missed blogging lately. Spring has been very busy!

I have been working very hard on expanding the soap business. Later this summer, or early fall, Dyeabolical will offer cold processed and hot-processed soaps, in addition to the glycerin soaps currently offered. Some soaps will be simple, nature-inspired rustic soaps. Other soaps will be ridiculously bright and fun. There is a pretty good chance that you will, at least occasionally, be able to buy soaps and yarn that match each other. No, I don't know what the point of soap and yarn matching would be, especially since I don't sell cotton dishcloth yarn anymore, but doesn't it sound like fun?

In other soap news, Soap of the Month Club memberships have been starting to sell out each month, or come close to selling out. I am adding several new spots in June that will hopefully solve that problem. New spots open up on June 12th and can be purchased from the online shop.

Yakkity Yak
I promised myself that I would not add yet another fingering weight yarn. I am terrible at keeping promises to myself when the mills keep introducing such awesome yarns. I bought a bag of superwash merino/yak/silk fingering weight to try out and fell in love. It took very little convincing for me to buy more yarn and start dyeing test colors (pictured above, straight out of the dye pots and before their glamour shots). This yarn is a natural gray and takes colors so differently that even my regular colorways look drastically different. It is lovely. In a few weeks, this new yarn will be available for sale.


Knitting time has been scarce lately and spinning time non-existent, but I did finish 2 major projects this week. The first is a cotton blanket for our red futon that I started last year. There is no reason it should have taken me this long to finish it. It truly was a quick knit, even for its size. This is the second blanket I have made out of Blue Sky and I love it.

The second major project I finished this week is one I will blog about later, if I ever recover from the horror of looking down on to a red and white project and seeing pink.




      2014 Reading Challenge


          2014 Reading Challenge


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My reading progress this year is better than usual thanks to getting hooked on narrator Amanda Ronconi. I have torn through Molly Harper's catalog, and am currently tearing through Tate Hallaway's Garnet Lacey series, both of which are narrated by Ronconi. Both series are similar enough. They are regional romances, with a little comedy and a lot of paranormal hijinx, featuring powerful women who don't know their own strength, and surprisingly (not) powerful and sensitive vampire dudes. YAWN, amirite? Yet I have listened to 18 of these books and several of them more than once. 
I will need to charge my Kindle for June, though. The new Outlander book is out, the second Robopocalypse book comes out, and the new Discovery Of Witches book. I'd better find a new garter stitch project, too. Reading makes garter stitch go faster.


  1. I adore the new yarn! It's beautiful. You keep growing as an artist, grrl. And, new soaps! So cool.


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