Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Row counters and Tour de Fleece

 If you love spinning and you love sales, then read to the Tour de Fleece section of of this post. 

Heyo! It's feast or famine when it comes to blogging around here. I have been under the weather the last few days and I've wrapped up some big projects recently. That seems to have freed up some of my mental and creative resources. I have had so many ideas lately, started so many new projects, and finished a few others. For instance...
B(ias)^3 by AECDesigns out of my new superwash merino Bounce base in the Thunderboom colorway

Two consignment stockings. Not only did I knit the once, but I spent an entire weekend reknitting and repairing parts damaged by a red that wanted to bleed. I am never knitting bright colors and white colors in the same project ever again!

Whoops, I lied.
Mixed Wave Mitts by Sybil R. Knit out of a Highlighter set on my Super Ego base.
I don't currently have any Super Ego dyed up on the Highlighter base, but I do have some available on Bounce and Sturdy.

The Tour de Fleece starts on July 5 and I have a surprise. Dyeabolical is hosting its own team! Team Dyeabolical is a low-key group for spinners of all skill levels. Here's the main rule: Try to spin every day that the Tour rides. If you miss a day, we'll still love you. We prefer that you spin at least one Dyeabolical yarn, but we want to see everything you spin! Other than that, there are no hard and fast rules. Here is the Dyeabolical Team Page and the official Tour de Fleece group.
It would be rude to announce a Dyeabolical team and not give you an opportunity to buy fiber, right? So we're having a SALE! 15% off all made-to-order spinning fiber between now and June 15. If you order in that window, then you will have your fiber dyed just for you by the first week of the Tour. No coupon code needed. The prices have already been marked down.


Row counters are now back in stock.  You are in luck if you really like red & pink, as that was the bulk of what was sent this time. There is also 1-2 of some other colors. I have another shipment that should be here in a few days. The assortment sent each time is random, but I am super duper hoping for an assortment heavy in purples and blues next time.

And now some news, 3 customers (that I know of) received counters from the last batch that jump a number whenever the large button is pressed, regardless to whether the screen is awake or asleep. It should only jump a number when the screen is on. The counter is perfectly usable (I've been using them) but it is not consistent with the other products. I am currently discussing this with the manufacturer. If you received a counter like this and would like a different one, please contact me.

Every counter in every shipment is now tested individually, so any counter you order from the website will work as advertised. However, I now have more jumping counters than I can use. I would be happy to sell one for $3 + shipping (normally $4 + shipping) to anyone who contacts me. I mostly have greens & browns.


  1. Count me in. And, I love the mitts and scarf!

  2. Thanks for posting my pattern! ...even though I keep promising to write up something about it on my blog and I just haven't yet. Sigh....

    1. Oh jeez....derp! I DID blog about it because I posted the pattern. It's the other one I haven't posted yet.


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