Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Drop everything and knit

Have you seen the newest issue of Twist Collective? Remember that excited breathless feeling we all used to get pre-Ravelry when a new fall knitting magazine would come out? Yeah, same thing. You may as well put your current WIPs in the closet before looking at the newest issue, because you will want to cast on a new project immediately.

I was working on a simple stocking design. The Aislin cardigan is 2 sleeves and a quarter of the front away from being done. I have been knitting on the Hitofude cardigan. A podcaster inspired me to cast on for a Miranda sweater. I swatched and did the math for a Honeybee cardigan. Plus the 2 usual purse socks on the needles. And then I saw the Courant shawl...
Holy. Sheep. Must knit now! 

So naturally I dropped everything and cast on. Mosaic knitting + lace requires every bit of attention I have. This is not a travel project. This is a sit at the table with no one talking to me project. It has been a long time (if you don't count the holiday season) since I have considered taking a day off of work just so I could knit.
I'm using Dyeabolical Yakety Yak in Monterey Yak and Yaktastic

There are dozens of mistakes in the first motif, and a few in the second motif, but I think it will be ok. I tell new knitters and spinners that mentally you know how to do something, but you have to teach your hands how to do it. It's all about muscle memory. That first motif was all about teaching my hands to do lace and mosaic colorwork at the same time. {Some of you might be muttering about how swatching is a great way to work the kinks out of a new technique. LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.}

My knit group motto is "that shit'll block out" and I think that is true for this pattern. The first repeat was hard won and I'm not ripping it back. No one will notice a few misplaced stitches when I flash and twirl the finished stole around like a peacock.

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