Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sundays Are For Blogging

Craft bloggers often post high quality, high resolution photos of their very clean and luxurious living and studio spaces. Who are these people and how come they don't have 14 shopping bags full of wips on the floor or yarn hanging from the book case?

It has been a busy week at Chez Dyeabolical.  The final 30 lbs of the fall cold processed soap is now on the curing rack and the soaping dishes have not yet been cleaned up. The packaging issue for the fall glycerin soaps has been settled. Yarn was sent off to a new shop. My website randomly stopped working, but only for me. I shipped quite a few orders and prepped yarn for this coming week's shipments. I taught 2 spindle spinning classes to 12 really excellent people and then went grocery shopping. I think when the heat index is 105 degrees, parking is bad, and you live on the 3rd floor walk up that grocery shopping gets to count as a major accomplishment. My big plans for today include reading, knitting mindless garter stitch, and later catching up on emails. What is in store for your Sunday?

My Insta-week - a garter stitch shawl made from handspun, freshly cut soaps, new soap packaging for the glycerin soap cubes, the classroom before the spinners arrived, a box of Yakety Yak on its way to Nitro Knitters in Beaverton, OR, yarn hanging to dry, a Christmas ornament from my Itty Bitty Knitter swap partner, a wet batch of Themysicra version 2.0. 

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