Friday, February 28, 2014

Good News, Bad News

Hey blog! Whew, it's been a busy season. Soon it will warm up and I will be all caught up on blog news. Until then, I apologize for not keeping Dyeabolical news better updated here on the blog.

I have good news and bad news for you today. Let's start with the good news. Newsletter subscribers some of this might be a repeat, but I have new information below. 

New Colors
New colors, I have them. :) All of the colors are available as dyed-to-order on any of my available bases.

I also have 6 of the above colorways on fiber. If you would like to see another color above translated to fiber, just drop me a line. I would be happy to put it on the special order list. My intention is to eventually offer all of the colors above on fiber. 

Big Cheddar, Everyone Likes Pie, Je Ne Sais Quoi
King of the Pond, Kissing Booth, The Pirate's Wife
Yarn Bases - The good and bad news

I have yarn news. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. Let's start with the good.

I have 2 base yarns that I released somewhat quietly earlier this year, and 2 new base yarns that I just added this week. 

STURDY SOCK - This is a base yarn that I have been using for years from other dyers and commercial sellers. I have considered bringing this yarn in for a long time. I even bought several hanks from the yarn shop as a test dye, but I didn't think that I had enough room in my line up to support yet another fingering weight yarn. Well, now I do. It's a decision I made very recently, which is why there are no pictures yet. :) More on that later. 
-75% washable wool / 25% nylon fingering weight sock yarn
-4-ply, strong & sturdy. These socks will last!
- 115 grams (4oz) / 500 yards The 4oz hank is about 15% larger than my standard put up. There is enough yardage here for long-cuff/long-foot socks or a generous fingering-weight shawl

ARAN SINGLE - this 100% fine wool yarn is a satisfyingly fat single. It is perfect for quick knit accessories. The staple length is slightly longer than a merino, and it is not superwash. These 2 characteristics give the yarn a bit more resiliency to pilling than a standard superwash single might have.
-100% fine wool
-aran weight single
-100 grams / 200 yards 

POLWARTH SILK DK - This yarn is very squishable! Polwarth wool gives it softness & strength, tussah silk adds depth and a light silky luster. Sometimes it is just nice to knit a non-merino wool. This is a perfect sweater yarn, especially in the semisolid or tonal colorways pictured above. (Sweater knit by Ann - remind me to tell you a funny story some time.)
 -85% polwarth wool / 15% tussah silk
- dk weight 3-ply
- 100 grams / 290 yards
YET UNNAMED AMAZINGLY BOUNCY 2-PLY FINGERING WEIGHT YARN - I don't have this in my hot little hands yet, but it will make a great replacement for Skinny (read on). It is not strictly a sock yarn since it does not have nylon content, but oh. my. the. bounciness. is. epic!
-100% superwash merino wool, made entirely in the USA
-2-ply fingering weight
-yardage and price details coming later this spring
And now the bad news, Strong Arm Skinny and BFL HardTwist are unavailable effective immediately. There are a lot of options for hand dyers now. I choose to work with mills who aim for stable stock levels and excellent customer service. I have slowly been moving my other yarns to distributors who can accommodate those desires and now it is time to replace these last two yarns. While absolutely lovely yarns, it is extremely difficult to operate as a dyed-to-order business when stock levels are unpredictable on a day-to-day basis. 
All current orders for these base yarns will be filled. You may continue to see Skinny and BFL HT as in-stock yarns for the remainder of the season. No new dyed to orders will be accepted for Strong Arm Skinny or BFL HardTwist. 
And one last thing - I love email. I am introverted, shy, and 99% of the time prefer email to the phone. However, I feel pretty strongly that any business should have a published phone number. Sometimes picking up the phone and talking to a Real Person is the best and fastest way to get your question answered. Should you ever need it, you can reach Dyeabolical by calling my Google Voice number, 636 * 674 * 9665. It is automatically routed to me. I try to answer voicemails within 24 hours during the week and the first day following a weekend or holiday. All of my contact information can be found here.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miss Winkle in Flower Shop Inferno

I put out a call for sample knitters several weeks ago and the samples are starting to trickle in. I will be using these to decorate my booth at shows and to loan out to yarn stores who carry my yarn. You saw the Elfe sweater and the Sockhead Hat in the last two posts. Today I want to show you this shawl knitted by the lovely, talented, and prolific Kara/Shellsells.  You have seen many of Shells projects in the finished object/finished project posts that the other Kara writes for Dyeabolical. 

Kara knitted the Miss Winkle pattern by Martina Behm. She used 1 hank of Tenacious sock yarn in the Flower Shop Inferno colorway.
 Depending on which dye method I use, sometimes the Tenacious base takes color darker than a straight superwash merino. You can really see that in action on this shawl. For color comparison, see the Vittorio shawl which is also knitted in Flower Shop Inferno. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sockhead Hat in Wildcat

I put out a call for sample knitters several weeks ago and the samples are starting to trickle in. I will be using these to decorate my booth at shows and to loan out to yarn stores who carry my yarn. You saw the Elfe sweater in the last post. Today I want to show you this hat knitted by Krista.

Krista knitted the Sockhead* pattern by Kelly McClure. She used less than 1 hank of Tenacious sock yarn in the Wildcats color. I love this hat! It looks good on all kinds of heads. The slouchiness provides warmth without too much hat hair. It is a great use for any sock yarn hanking hanging out in your stash.

Tenacious is a 75% superwash merino / 15% nylon / 10% tencel, fingering weight, 4-ply, firm twist yarn. It makes excellent socks, accessories and garments. The merino and nylon give resiliency and softness, while the tencel gives it just a hint of silk-like luster. Some colorways appear slightly darker and muted/tonal on this base (“muddy” but in a good and beautiful way). Semisolids really pop on this base. 

*No relation to my own Sockhands pattern. Just a bit of coincidence in naming.