Monday, January 19, 2015

Trying something new

I'm finding myself in front of my phone a lot more often then I'm finding myself in front of the computer. Given how good camera phones are now, and the fact that most phones have a microphone for easy transcription, I thought I would try make a blog post exclusively using my phone.

Here is what I've been working on -

Pattern: Tailspin by Josh Ryks (First drawback to posting from the phone - how do I make a hotlink to the Ravelry page?) Here is the full url:
This is what the finished project should look like, different colors of course. 

Yarn: I am using my Yakety Yak base in almost all of the colors I dye on that base, plus undyed (the light gray) and brown. There was much agonizing and consulting of knitting friends, but here is the color order I decided on. Value-wise, the undyed gray and red are the lightest and darkest, so I am using those as my main colors. I figured that out by taking a black and white photo and arranging the colors from light to dark. The purple, teal, and green are so close that it was a bit of a judgement call. 
What are you working on? 

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