Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

Goodbye January, Hello February! I spend most of January either sick, crafting, or plotting. I'm hoping that this latest round of sickness is moving on, because I would like to show off some of my crafting and plotting. First, the plotting...

There are a few things I want to accomplish this year.

Soap & Perfume
Keep up with this soap thing. The soap & perfumes were intended to be a sideline, but I'm selling pretty well with them. I am even leaving my part time job at Knitorious so I can have an extra day a week to focus on soap making.These are my goals for soap making over the next month:
  • DONE - Re-activate the loofah, cube & octopus soap listings now that the busy soap season is over.
  • Create 2 new soaps using some celtic molds I just purchased.
  • Make 10 loaves of the hot process soaps, to cure in time for March restocking.
  • Make 16 bars of Euphoria for restocking before Valentine's Day.
Yarn & Fiber
So much plotting in the yarn & fiber portion of Dyeabolical during January. Here are my goals for February.
  • DONE (see blog post from yesterday) - Investigate free shipping options. 
  •  List new spinning fiber bases. It's time to change my spinning fiber offerings up. Look for shetland, targhee, bfl & cheviot to make their return this month.
  • Make Yakety Yak available as a dyed-to-order option for my regular colorways. This is exciting. I have been playing around a lot with dyeing variegated colorways on the Yakety Yak base (superwash merino/yak/silk) and I love the results. The only barrier to achieving this in February is finding the time to update all of my listings with the new descriptions.
  • Add 3 new colors (pictured below) - I need to do a bit more testing on the fuchsia & the variegated colors, but these are the 3 colors I would like to list in February.
Scott and I have fallen down a Pinterest rabbit hole. The first few weekends in January had us sanding, cleaning, and painting. We turned a candlestick in to a lamp. By "we" I mean I found a candlestick and cleaned it. Scott wired it. I cleaned & replaced all the christmas lights in a wonderful craft project from a friend. We each repainted two old trays. I painted 7 happy little yarn balls. Scott started a big art project that somehow involves big wooden stars. I'm not sure I see where he is going with that yet. Scott bought 2 wisemen. No word as to where the 3rd one is or what we will do with these 2 wisemen. I purchased a rickety old shelf to hopefully turn in to a spindle rack. Scott built a PVC backdrop for me to use making videos. We both developed favorable opinions about Martha Stewart's line of craft paint.

A photo posted by Rachel Kluesner (@dyeabolicalyarn) on

A photo posted by Rachel Kluesner (@dyeabolicalyarn) on

A photo posted by Rachel Kluesner (@dyeabolicalyarn) on

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