Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September already?

I bet you thought I didn't blog anymore, didn't you? :) Instagram has been sucking up most of my social media time. I really love seeing what everyone is working on and pictures from their day. The hashtag feature is great. My favorite IG hashtags are below. What are your favorite tags?
 Summer 2015 was marked by a wicked case of crafters block, especially knitters block. I managed a few projects by forcing myself to sit down and work, but the innate desire to make things hasn't been there. That has thankfully eased up a little, probably because of the cooling temperatures. This week I am working on a 2-color brioche hat called "Beezee" by Katrin Schubert. There were a few false starts, but I'm chugging along now and loving it. I can't put it down!
Yarn: Id Squishy Sport
Color 1: undyed
Color 2: Closer Than You Think.

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  1. Brioche is such a wonderfully rhythmic style of knitting once it's all going properly. It is encouraging to me to hear that I may just be suffering from crafter's block, rather than general apathy. :)


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