Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Themyscira - For a Limited Time!

By popular demand...

Themyscira is back for a limited time! I am happy to announce that I will be doing a special run of this popular discontinued color. The terms on this special order are different than my other dyed-to-order yarns. Here's what you need to know:

*Themyscira is inspired by my favorite superhero. A "WW" is painted in to each hank of yarn with a special color. The WW is missing from the fiber in order to preserve the loftiness. Click here for projects on Ravelry made from this color.

*Orders close on 10/20 at 10am.

*Orders will begin shipping within 4 weeks of the closing date, but may take longer if there are more orders than I anticipate. You will be notified if shipping will take longer than 4 weeks.

*This color will be available on the following yarns: Sturdy Sock, Super Ego Sport, and Superwash Worsted. Sturdy sock is a non-merino washable wool. The color is very saturated, but not as luminous as superwash merino wool. Descriptions of each base are below.

*The following fiber bases are available: Mixed BFL and Cheviot. Mixed BFL is a naturally light brown and will take the color a few shades darker than ecru wool does. All of my spinning fibers have areas where the natural colors show through. Descriptions of each fiber are below.

Click here for more information and to order!

A sincere thank you to everyone who emailed (and called, and twittered, and PM'd) about this color since it was discontinued. It is a labor-intensive color, but I am happy to offered it on a limited basis. I appreciate all of your feedback about Themyscira!

Thank you!

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