Monday, January 26, 2015

Riverwalk Socks
Designer Daniela Nii released a pattern yesterday called "Riverwalk". This sock pattern features sweet faux baby cables (made using a slip stitch) and is knit out of Dyeabolical® Tenacious Sock blend in the Riverwalk colorway. It would also work in the Sturdy, Bounce, or Super Ego bases.

If you are new to toe-up socks, Daniela has helpfully included tutorials on a toe-up stockinette cast on and how to work a short-row heel. Plus, she includes a handy guide for customizing sock length.
This pattern works great with semi-solid & tonal yarns. I think this is simple enough that it would also look good in many variegated yarns. There are several in-stock yarns that would be perfect for this pattern and that are ready to ship. Or, I would be happy to dye any of my available colorways for you. 

Daniela is offering 10% off her pattern through next week if you want your own pair of Riverwalk socks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ICYMI - Shop Update

In case you missed it yesterday, I updated the shop with new ready-to-ship yarns, fibers & row counters. Want to save 10% off your order? Sign up for the newsletter using the form in the sidebar. Current newsletter subscribers, check your email for your coupon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Trying something new

I'm finding myself in front of my phone a lot more often then I'm finding myself in front of the computer. Given how good camera phones are now, and the fact that most phones have a microphone for easy transcription, I thought I would try make a blog post exclusively using my phone.

Here is what I've been working on -

Pattern: Tailspin by Josh Ryks (First drawback to posting from the phone - how do I make a hotlink to the Ravelry page?) Here is the full url:
This is what the finished project should look like, different colors of course. 

Yarn: I am using my Yakety Yak base in almost all of the colors I dye on that base, plus undyed (the light gray) and brown. There was much agonizing and consulting of knitting friends, but here is the color order I decided on. Value-wise, the undyed gray and red are the lightest and darkest, so I am using those as my main colors. I figured that out by taking a black and white photo and arranging the colors from light to dark. The purple, teal, and green are so close that it was a bit of a judgement call. 
What are you working on?