Thursday, March 5, 2015

Goodbye February, Hello March!

The free shipping over $50 promotion went so well in February that I am extending it through March (and beyond?). To be eligible for free domestic shipping, add over $50 worth of product to your cart and use coupon code SHIP50 for domestic orders. International customers, use code SHIPITL50 to save $7.75 off your shipping costs.

February Goals Progress
I had a lot to accomplish in February. It went well, despite a few technological hiccups.

GOAL 1: Make the Yakety Yak base available as a dyed-to-order option for my regular colorways.
NOPE. Time continued to be a factor in getting this done. Etsy changed their listings manager interface & their category system. That ate up a lot of time re-familiarizing myself and updating my listings to be compliant with the new categories.Yakety Yak is available as dyed-to-order option, but you will have to email me directly so I can create a listing for you until I can get the website updated.
Kara, Katatomic, Soldier Field, and Garden of Live Flowers on the Yakety Yak base
(60% superwash merino/20% yak/20% silk)

GOAL 2: Add 3 new colors to the shop
2/3rds DONE. I added 2 new colors, but dyed up about 5 new possibilities on a potential new base yarn that are not yet up.
Fuchsia So Bright and Gasoline Rainbow
GOAL 3: Reactivate the made-to-order soap listings.
DONE - Re-activate the loofah, cube & octopus soap listings now that the busy soap season is over.

GOAL 4: List new spinning fiber bases. 
DONE! See this blog post for more information. 
GOAL 5: Create 2 new celtic-inspired soaps
EH. I can't decide which recipe that I want to use for the celtic molds, creamy coconut milk or gentle buttermilk. I sent off samples to a few people to get their opinion on which they like best.

GOAL 6: Make 10 loaves of the dye-free/lots of lather/basic soaps in various scents.
BAM, on the curing rack now and ready for restocking later this month. These super simple soaps are made from scratch out of olive oil, RSPO-certified palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil and essential oils/fragrance.
Freshly cut & ready to put on the drying racks - Honey, Coconut Lime Verbena, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweater Vest & Pipe, a new unnamed lemongrass/vanilla scent, Cedarwood Sage, and Wasabi (a bright, spicy citrus)
GOAL 7: Make 16 bars of Euphoria for restocking before Valentine's Day.
YES, sort of. I had 8 bars of Euphoria and 8 bars of a new scent called Moxie ready to go up before Valentine's, but I forgot to make the listing active. Wahmp wahmp wahmp wahmp wahhhhh! But I did manage to get sheep soaps sets up before Chinese New Year. Go me! 
Goat's Milk Sheep Soaps

Euphoria & Moxie are both floral scents
GOAL 8: Investigate more free shipping options.
 DONE! The buy $50 promotion went really well last month, so I extended the promotion. See the italicized sentence above.

February was kind of nuts, but nice. I cut out a major source of time-suck & drama in my personal life and reclaimed many hours of productive downtime. I also worked my last scheduled day at the yarn shop. I miss it a lot, but I needed the time to work on Dyeabolical, plus I will get to fill in as needed.

So what have I been doing with all that free time? Napping, cleaning out my closets, watching RuPaul's Drag Race, hemming & hawing over what to knit next, cooking (who am I?), and spending a ridiculous amount of time trying out software for various shopping cart platforms. I also finally found the perfect lightweight folding tables. They are so basic, and so traditional. Why would I buy a ridiculously heavy molded plastic table for $100 when it was just a matter of time before plain lightweight pressboard & vinyl card tables started being sold again for $40?

March Goals
  • These test colors on this test base (so SQUISHY) need to be retested, test knit, named & listed:
  • I became obsessed with Josh Ryk's Tailspin when it was released in January. I need to block and blog it during March.
  • Shop update
  • Spin a braid of yarn
  •  List the dye-free soaps (also name the line)
  • Figure out those celtic soaps
  • Get the Yakety Yak listings online
  • Break out the sewing machine and make shirt extenders 
  • Give away/destash 5 trashbags of stuff  
  • Learn more about the Etsy IPO
  • Continue to fret that I am talking too much about soap to the yarn people and too much about yarn to the soap people 
Do you have any goals for this month? What are they? Share with me in the comments to this blog post or on my Facebook page before March 10 and be entered to win a bar of soap.