Saturday, December 5, 2015

Newsletter: Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Shipping Schedule

& Gift Suggestions


It's more holidaze than holidays, am I right? There are things to buy, things to bake, things to knit, and not enough time to do it all! I'm feeling the crunch myself. There are a lot of early mornings, late nights, and so, so much coffee. I can see from Instagram & Facebook that we're all sleep deprived together. We deserve a reward (and a nap), right? RIGHT.

There are several new bath & body products in the shop. I hope the small gift guide below will help you to find a relaxing reward for yourself or a knitting friend, whether it be a Wool Lover's Baa-lm, Bath Tea, or a new hank of soft yarn. Additionally, the yarns & fibers have been restocked and I have hanks & braids ready to ship right away.

Don't forget there is a coupon code for free shipping inside the US (code: SHIP50), or discounted shipping internationally (code: SHIPITL50), when you purchase $50 or more. The coupon code should be entered before you finalize your purchase in order to have the shipping fees automatically discounted.
See the holiday shipping schedule below for ordering deadlines. 
(Please excuse any minor formatting issues with the pictures listings below. Blogger isn't playing nice with my newsletter software. Html, css, etc are beyond my skill set!)
Lucy - Tenacious Sock
Black Tea & Mint Soap
Fate, PhD - Yakety Yak Fingering
Flamingos on a Croquet Lawn - Sturdy Sock
Rum & Coke Lip Balm
Wool Lover's Baa-lm
Lavender & Rosemary
Blood Orange - Cheviot Wool Top
Walk it Off - Bath Tea
Thunderboom - Fawn Shetland Wool Top
Tangerine Honey Soap
Fuchsia So Bright - Tenacious Sock
Glitter Soap - Lemon Verbena Mint
Viola Overboard - Super Bulky
Over the Rainbow Soap
Sandalwood Vanilla - Solid Perfume
Gift certificates & patterns for Christmas delivery:
December 25 (instant download)
In-stock yarns, fibers, row counters:
December 18
Bath & body, except as noted below:
December 18
Octopus/Medallion/Loofah/Sheep soaps:
December 11 (subject to availability)
Dyed-to-order/special order yarns & fibers:
Orders ship 3-4 weeks from date of order. May ship after the holidays.