Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Self striping yarns -- Update Thursday!

The first batch of Dyeabolical self-striping sock yarn will be up for sale this Thursday at 7pm Central.

The update goes live in the Etsy shop first and then automatically updates to my website a few minutes later. There will be a section called "self-striping yarn" on both sites.
Some background--
So many customers have asked me to do striping versions of my regular colorways. The project seemed daunting and I put it off for years. There is no denying that striped yarns are much more labor intensive than dyeing semis or variegateds (20 minutes to wind vs. 3 minutes, for instance), but I enjoyed the process quite a bit.

A lot of my hesitation to dye stripes came from the idea that I had to be precise and perfect when dyeing stripes. Then I remembered that I am a forest person and not a trees person. I enjoy chaotic color. I enjoy the one of a kind nature of hand dyed yarns. I enjoy getting in to the dye pots and just playing. It has been a long time since I have sacrificed a week of time just to 'see what happens when I do this'. I admit that I am quite nervous for my customers to like these self-striping yarns. Please like them! :)

And now the details--
Important info:
  • All of the yarns in this update are self-striping versions of my regular variegated colors. Please do not purchase the self-striping listing if you are wanting variegated or vice versa. Please contact me if you have any questions. 
  • I have been experimenting with using a wood background for my in-stock pictures. This is not going to happen with this update. All of the items pictured above will be on a white background with a notation in the listing that the item is in stock and ready to ship. 
  • Self-striping yarns cannot be dyed-to-order at this time. 

I have dyed 6 colors in 3 different stripe styles for this update:
  • Derby Girl and Off With Her Red (formerly of the Black& and Alice in Wonderland series) are out of retirement to join us in time for Valentines. Both of these colors are traditional stripes, i.e. semi-solid regularly spaced stripes. Stripe width may vary slightly between hanks.
  • Derby Girl was also dyed in shorter stripes with slightly more tonal variegation within each stripe.
  • Flower Shop Inferno, Blood Orange, and Paris at Last...oh my. I have been dithering for approximately forever about how to get the results I wanted from these 3 colors when shifting from the usual 2 yard skein to a 20 yard skein. I genuinely hope you like these 3 colors as much as I do. There is nothing I would like to do more than to translate some of my other "kettle"-type variegateds in to stripes. The stripe transitions for these colorways are more of a gradual, gradient-style color shift than a stark transitions. Just as how every skein of hand dyed yarn is different, every stripe is slightly different in these 3 colors.
The yarn base is a new yarn called Targhee Sock. It is 90% superwash targhee wool and 10% nylon. The fiber for this yarn was grown, processed, and dyed in the USA. Targhee wool is very elastic and soft, though not as soft as merino (which makes it better for socks, IMO). This 3-ply sock yarn is round, springy, and plump. It is a heavy fingering yarn, knit best at 7-9 stitches per inch on 1s or 2s.

Each skein of Targee Sock is 430 yards minimum, or about 115 grams. Targhee Sock in the self-striping colorways retail for $30. As with all hand dyed yarns, I recommend hand washing in cool water.


    1. These look absolutely yummy! I made a pair of mitts in the variegated Blood Orange and they are just delicious plus I have enough for some serious earwarmer/headband action. I'm really looking forward to working with the self-striping so thank you for taking the plunge! Hope


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