Thursday, February 18, 2016

Days off

Allowing for days off is something that has been on my mind recently. I love my job and I love what I do, but running two businesses is overwhelming on multiple levels. My birthday gift for myself this year is to be more sensible with my time, including making some decisions about where the yarn & soap businesses are going.

I have awhile to think about what I want to do. All of my soap making for the spring and early summer is finished, but I will be making some decisions before it's time for the marathon soap making session this fall. Will we move in to a bigger place? Will I rent a spare room somewhere? A proper studio? Will I hire someone? Or is it time to just say that the soap thing was fun and interesting, but it needs to be a hobby business instead of a proper business?

And what about this new self-striping thing? I'm not 100% committed to making stripes every month (yet), but if they sell well, then why not? If I only had time for one thing in addition to my regular dye-to-order duties, would it be soap or self-striping yarns? I think we all know the answer to that. Hello, yarn. I love you the best.

Shop news:
My friends Alex & Ann both completed socks made from my first batch of self-striping yarns. I love how they turned out! Ann made a mock rib pattern on her circular knitting machine using the striped version of Flower Shop Inferno. Flower Shop Inferno Stripes is one of my kettle dyed gradient-style stripe yarns. Alex made a pair of Skew socks out of the striped version of Derby Girl. Derby Girl is a hand painted colorway with distinct color transitions.
This week I am working on more stripes for an upcoming update (date TBA).
Lucy Stripes, Kara Gradient Stripes, unnamed stripes (navy, green, gold - any ideas?)
I finished some very fraternal looking socks out of a test color that is not going to make it in to the shop. The heel is the first time that I have successfully made the Fish Lips Kiss heel. The twin stitch method of turning the short rows is very appealing, but the heel does not fit me any better or worse than any other short row heel. That is to say, it doesn't fit me well. I need a deeper heel. Which heel type is your favorite?

I also finished the 1898 hat out of handspun and gave it to my Valentine. He's so cute. 
Pioneer Girl remains excellent, but I'm getting bogged down in some of the annotations. Also, it's heavy and hard to read in bed. Amy from The Fat Squirrel podcast and Ann from Books on the Night Stand both mentioned that they were reading a little non-fiction in the morning. I decided to do that, too, and have made good progress on Pioneer Girl.

While I work I listen to lighter stories like romantic comedy. Right now I am loving the audiobook Hell on Heels by Robyn Peterman. A not-very-evil demoness is deported from hell to Earth so she can toughen up a little. And she's in love with the Angel of Death. Death drives a pick up truck. There are mini demons named Ross & Rachel. Satan is afraid of his mother, Mother Nature aka Gigi. So entertaining.

Last night I started reading a new collection of short stories called American Housewife by Helen Ellis. No drinking coffee while you read this, unless you're super in to choking on your coffee. A+ hilarious.

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