Thursday, February 11, 2016

Newsletter, Restocks, and a Giveaway

Hello again!
Thursdays are for blogging, but I have so much to talk about today that I'm going to split this in to a few different posts. Let's get down to business first.
There's a new Harry Potter story coming out! Wait, no. Not that kind of business. Dyeabolical business.

Some of this was also posted in the newsletter that went out a few hours ago, so if this is a repeat for you then I apologize.  

Speaking of the newsletter, someone this week remarked that my newsletters have been awfully informal lately. It took me a bit to realize that she had signed up to receive my blog posts by email when she meant to sign up for the newsletter. If you are looking at my blog from a desktop, there are 2 forms in the sidebar of the shop. One is to sign up for the Dyeabolical newsletter. The other is to sign up for email notifications whenever I make a new blog post. The blog posts tend to be more informal than the newsletter and contain more personal or knitting content. (I realize that these sign ups are missing from the mobile site. I will attempt to add that it or fix it somehow as soon as I can.)

I would like to thank you for making the self-striping update so successful. There are only a few skeins of self-striping yarns left in stock. More Targhee sock yarn has been ordered and the process of skeining up those huge 20 foot skeins will begin next week. Look for another update of self-striping yarns in late February or early March. I would love to hear any color requests you might have.

Shop Restock: The spring restock of soaps, lip balms, and perfumes went up yesterday. A few more items may be added later, but the bulk of the spring update is available for sale in the shop. Please note the new categories in the sidebar of the shop. I've broken out perfume, soap and lip balm in to their own separate categories.

 Wool Lover's Baa-lm and Good for the Sole will not be restocked for at least a few more weeks. I have enough to fill outstanding orders, but unfortunately I had some issues with the twist up tubes and wasn't able to get those issues resolved this week without cutting in to my yarn making time. Outstanding orders will always take priority over the possibility for potential orders, I'm afraid.

And lastly, have you knit/crocheted/woven/spun/felted a finished project  using Dyeabolical yarns or fibers in December, January or February? Enter a picture of your project in the Ravelry group to be entered to win a skein of Sturdy sock yarn. There are only 5 entries currently so your chances are good! Submit your entry before the end of February.

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