Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shipping Announcements, Blog Redesign, Some Knitting, and a Rant About Essential Oils

It has been a busy and stressful week a Chez Dyeabolical. Let's jump in to it.

Shipping Announcements
Every order is given an estimated shipping date of 3-4 weeks out on their receipt. I try like crazy at or before that 3 week mark. For the next week I will be shipping closer to that 4 week mark. This week has had a lot of family stress and sadness. Losing power all day yesterday, one of only two available production days this week, has really made it more stressful.

 Some Knitting
This week I finished one swatch of a new self-striping color and a knitted moose. Moosie is for a secret swap, but I think it's safe to share a picture here. I'm fairly confident that the swapee doesn't read my blog.

The pattern is Dinky Moose by Amanda Berry. The only changes I made were to run a wire through the antlers to help it stick up more and added a red ribbon around its neck. If I were to make this again I would sew on the eyes first before seaming and stuffing the head. It's a little tricky to get the placement right doing it that way, but I think my hands would like it better. I would also go down 2 needles sizes to make the antlers or use a thicker yarn so they could better stand up on their own.

Blog Redesign
Last weekend I made some changes to the look of the blog. It is no surprise to anyone who is a long time reader that this blog is more personal than professional. The changes I made now reflect that better. This blog has a new title and a new About section. The link from the Dyeabolical main page was changed from "Dyeabolical Blog" to "Rachel's Blog". Realistically, I know this affects exactly zero people, but I worked so hard on it this weekend that I feel justified in saying "see! look here!" :)
A Rant About Essential Oils
I use an app called TimeHop to show me social media posts that I've made on this day in past years. This morning it reminded me of an epic rant I made last year on Facebook about essential oils. You can read it in full here. I'm still fired up about about the casual misuse of essential oils. Don't get me wrong. I love essential oils. I use essential oils daily. I research safe usage rates. I use them in wash-off products or in perfumes.. Again, I use them at safe dilution rates. They smell good. They smell better (a truer and longer) than most synthetic fragrance oils. Most of my soaps contain essential oils. All but one of my perfumes do. But I don't claim any health benefit from the essential oils in my product. It smells good and I used the recommended safe usage rates. Those are my only 2 claims.

What fires me up are the people who dispense medical advice without proper training. A lot of the advice out there right now about essential oils is either junk science and can be harmful. Two multi-level marketing corporations were investigated by the FDA for making health claims about their essential oils.

Some highlights from my Facebook post:

-Essential oils are basically drugs. Some of them are fine to use "over the counter", but others require a bit more knowledge and should only be administered by someone who knows what they are doing. Legally speaking, any person administering EOs as a treatment for or prevention of a disease needs to be licensed by the government. 

-If you are using EOs for topical application (note: such as perfume or aromatherapy), make sure it is diluted with something like coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Some EOs are generally recognized as safe to use undiluted, but others can cause skin irritation or other problems.  

-They can trigger allergic reactions in some people

-Just because it's good for humans does not mean it is good for your pet. Do your research first.

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