Thursday, February 4, 2016

What I'm Making

I'm having an enormous amount of fun knitting the 1898 Hat pattern by Kristine Byrnes our of Scott's handspun. Ok, so maybe it doesn't look very hat like right now... The fiber is spun semi-worsted from a carded morrit fleece.

There is less fun being had with these toe-up socks. The yarn is a test skein for a relaunch of Julia's Apron, a former club colorway. The color needs some work, but this skein is good enough for socks for myself. I'm using size 1s and struggling with gauge. Every time I pick up the sock my gauge has changed significantly. There was a time when I could knit half a sock a day easily and a full sock if I pushed myself. Now my big hands are struggling to hold on to very tiny needles. It may be time to try socks on circulars again, or perhaps pull out my old 4" dpns.

Tuesday & Thursday afternoons are usually for special projects. The last 4 T's have been about replenishing inventory. The Wool Lover's Baa-lm, Good for the Sole foot balm, lip balms in the twist tubes, and 3 solid perfumes (Fraser, Blue Moon, True Rose) will hit the shop next week.The soaps will hit the shop a few weeks later once they have cured.

Currently curing: the last 2 batches of Sweater Vest & Pipe, Apple Jack & Peel (made with Missouri honey!), Kumquat, Calm Yourself (a new lavender/geranium blend--lavender and I are (sort of) friends again!), Citrus Rosemary (Possibly being renamed? It's a lovely warm vanilla citrus spice scent) and Juniper Basil (also considering a catchier name). UPS just delivered the final package of oils for the spring soaps, so tomorrow the plan is to make Cinnamon Sugar, Black Tea & Mint, Espresso, and possibly Black Raspberry Vanilla. My home smells like all the things right now.

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