Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursdays are for Blogging About FOs

 Sock FO #1

Pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner
Yarn: Fruit Loops by Lisa from Fibernymph Dyeworks. Sadly the ball band is long gone, but I think this is her Squoosh base. 75% corriedale/25% nylon
Heel: Standard slip stitch heel flap & turn
Toe: Round toe. I usually use a standard toe (1 decrease round, 1 plain round) because I can remember it, but round toe (1 decrease round, 3 plain, decrease, 2 plain, decrease, 1 plain, decrease remaining rows) was the toe I used to use in socks. It fits my foot better and I need to remember to use it.

 Sock FO #2

Pattern: Liebelei by Regina Satta
Yarn: Moonlight Kisses by me on a heavy fingering weight test base. Bounce, Sturdy, Tenacious, or Super Ego Sport would make good bases for this pattern.
Heel: Spacious OMG Heel by Megan Williams from Stockinette Zombies Podcast. This heel, you guys. This heel fits great. It's a little tricky to pickup and purl on the edge of the heel flap, but worth figuring it out.
Toe: Another round toe.
Notes: Cables suck up yarn, so for reference, I used 85 grams of a heavy fingering sock yarn to knit 6 cable repeats per sock in a women's 12. I enlarged the pattern slightly by adding a purl stitch to the beginning of needles 1 & 3 and the ends of needles 2 & 4. This pair was nearly perfect. The only thing I'm disappointed with is that I, once again, made the foot of one sock with 68 stitches and the other sock with 64 stitches.

Yep, they stand up on their own.

The bottom of the mini gusset of the Spacious OMG heel

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