Thursday, March 24, 2016

WIP Roundup and an Orange Table

Snow falling on a blooming pear tree
Several weeks ago I decided to cut back on the amount of caffeine in my life. Half-caff coffee has been successfully incorporated in to my life. I eat 2 or 3 dried figs as a snack every afternoon. I don't even recognize myself anymore. Kind of like how snow doesn't recognize that it's spring. 
This is my pile of works in progress. My goal is to finish either the socks or the sweater, plus one wip, before the end of March. Meep, better stop blogging and start knitting.
  • The Liebelie socks that I talked about earlier this month sat until I could focus on doing the heel. Now that the heel is finished the foot should zoom. 
  • The  chevron scarf has been in my wips so long that I forgot what it's called. There are maybe only 12" left until it is long enough to wear. 
  • The Stopover sweater that I started last week got a second sleeve this week. Yep, I knit the sleeves first. No sleeve island for me. And what is a sleeve if not a big swatch?  
  • I only have 2 stinking rows left on the Fruit Loops socks. They've been like that for a week and a half. They are my purse knitting and I keep forgetting to finish them. I should really knock that out tonight.  
  • The 3-Color Cashmere Cowl that has gotten no love since the day I cast it on months ago. I need to either knit on it or send it to the frog pond. 
Scott and I hit an antique mall that opened down the street. We found several tasteful tables that would be perfect in our small space. Then we went to Ikea and found several more small, tasteful tables that would be perfect in our small space.
Scott: Here's a small table. 
Me: Meh. Here's a small table.
Scott: Meh. Here's a tasteful table. 
Me: Meh. It's a little big. Would it overwhelm that space?
Scott: I don't know, but it comes in orange. 
Me: Sold. Let's also buy white chairs. It will be glorious.
Scott: Double sold. 
Ikea is dangerous, y'all. 

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