Monday, April 25, 2016

FOs on Parade

Is it just me or is the hay fever situation nuts this year? Even my beloved tea of last resort wasn't making a dent last week. I'm glad I work for myself because many bosses wouldn't accept that sneezing dozens of times as a good reason for missing half a day's work.

The upside of staying indoors a lot recently is knitting progress. Wooooo!!!! A month ago I posted this picture of WIPs:

The socks in the upper right and lower left are both finished, as is the chevron scarf (below). The green and brown cowl went to the frog pond. The purple sweater body is almost ready for joining with the arms. The toe of the purple/orange/cream socks look exactly the same as they did a month ago. They're even sitting in the same spot where I put them after I took that picture. Whoops.

Finished Objects
Picture by Don Quon
Pattern: Blue Bell Hill Scarf 
Designer: Jocelyn Tunney
Yarn: Dyeabolical® Id Squishy in Donkey Shane, Okie Dokie Artichokey, and Sebastian
Needle: US 6/4mm
Notes: It's finally done! I lost steam on this project last year while I was on the second to last section. I finished the last section a few weeks ago, plus added several more color blocks to make the scarf long enough for me. The pattern wants you to end on a stockinette section; I choose to end on a garter section to avoid curling. The pattern calls for a worsted weight knit on size 8s. I knit this with a heavy sport/dk weight on a size 6. I really love the resulting fabric, especially the garter stitch sections. Garter always has a higher squoosh factor than other stitches.

Pattern: Hogwarts Express
Designer: Susan Ashcroft
Yarn: Dyeabolical® Super Ego in Iris You Were Here and A Leaf on the Wind
Needle: US 5/3.75mm
Notes: Considering how long it usually takes me to finish a shawl, this one practically flew off the needles. I followed the pattern as written until the cable section. At the beginning of the cable section I switched to using a "k2, yo" increase at the beginning of each row instead of ceasing increasing as the pattern suggests. The increased stitches are worked in k2, p2 rib. The owl cable is worked as written. Iridescent oil slick beads were used for the eyes. I finished it off with 2 ridges of garter stitch and Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (surprisingly almost a little too stretchy for this chronically loose knitter). This shawl is plenty big and I used less than half a skein of each color. Many thanks to my Slytherin sister for modeling and to my dad for offering to take such great pictures.

 Works in Progress
This bit of lovely lace has captured my attention. Finishing the cabled socks a few weeks ago really renewed my interest in knitting projects with a little bit more going on. I flew through 8 repeats of the Echo Flower Shawl easy peasy, but I'm at the nupp'd edging now. So. Many. Nupps. Will I fly through these last 2 charts or will this go in time out until I can bribe someone to make dozens of nupps for me? I honestly don't know. 

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