Sunday, May 29, 2016

Catch Up

Hello again!

I know some of you were worried that if I started podcasting that I wouldn't blog anymore. My plan is to keep up with both. Wish me luck!

The podcast is going well, but I'm still getting my bearings. I still feel a little awkward in front of the microphone and I haven't 100% hammered out a layout that I want to use for each episode. That is especially true of the last episode. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was having such a hard time recording 20 minutes of material. A little bit later I figured it out in the middle of the grocery store when my blood sugar dropped. I thought I had contracted some sort of insta-flu + tunnel vision + taken an axe to the head, but half a bottle of Coke and some dinner later and I was fine again. Yikes. Remind me not to do that again.

----------- for all 11 Watercolor stripes colors open on Wednesday June 1 at 9am. There are the 6 existing colors, plus 1 new variegated color translated in to stripes, plus 4 brand new colors (both variegated and watercolor stripes). There are 40 spots open this time. I will post more info about the new colors in the next few days.

Paris at Last
Blood Orange
Flower Shop Inferno
Viola Overboard
Neapolitan (new)
66 Sunset (new)
Inscrutable Mystery (new)
Mint to Be (new)
This coming Saturday I will be back at Suzanne's House for the World's Smallest Craft Fair. Everyone is invited! Don't be shy. I will be in the front room with my hand dyed yarns, including some Watercolor Stripes yarns. Ann is bringing her circular sock knitting machine this year, plus there will be candles, project bags, notebooks, garden crafts, jewelry, and delicious gluten free cupcakes.

This show is the last chance to buy soaps and lip balms directly from me. On Friday the soaps will go offline. After Saturday the remaining stock will go to The Novel Neighbor for one last restocking there. Click the flyer for more information about WSCF or click here.
Being able to use a real studio space last month, and a my dad's photography expertise, a few weeks ago has spoiled me. The family has been busy with my youngest sisters last play (she did amazing!) and her graduation, but hopefully next week I will be able to borrow studio space and a good photographer again. I have FOs that need their beauty shots!


A big box of row counters arrived this week. I test every row counter before I list them and they won't be tested before the self-striping shop listing on Wednesday. The earliest I will be able to get them online is Thursday evening. If you are placing an order earlier in the week and want a row counter, too, just let me know so I can hold your order. Row counters are $4.50 each and ship free when purchased with another item.

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