Friday, May 6, 2016

Is it time to think about podcasting again?

Recently I downloaded an audio podcasting app on my phone and enjoyed playing around with it. One thing that immediately became apparent is that I have a lot to say in an organized way if you stick a microphone in my hand, whereas I freeze in front of a video camera or babble on forever. It also became clear how much easier it is to edit audio vs. video.

I'm not 100% committed (yet) to starting a regular audio podcast, but I am considering it. Obviously I will need to learn some editing tricks to disguise the fact that I (breath) have asthma (breath) basically all the time, but otherwise I think audio might be something I want to do semi-regularly.

I've posted a prototype podcast below.  (Deleted because Episode 1 is now live!) What do you think? Yes/no? What do you like in a podcast? What do you hate in a podcast? I would love to hear opinions either way in the comments below or through email. 

"But wait," you ask, "didn't you try podcasting already?" Yes, I did, but I still haven't shaken the desire to podcast. I did about 12 episodes of a video podcast maybe 5 years ago. I enjoyed recording the podcasts, and I enjoyed the interaction with customers.  I did not love the hair and make up, setting up lights, technological issues and editing video. I still haven't shaken the desire podcast, so maybe it's time?


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