Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lots of Links

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback about possibly starting up a new podcast. I had more feedback than I expected and it was all positive and encouraging. I ordered a mic on Friday, recorded some files on Tuesday, and learned a lot about post-production in the last few days. The first episode could be up as early as tomorrow. I need to give everything a final listen, write show notes, and figure out how to get it to iTunes.
I did finish the Echo Flowers shawl, but I cheated and used a crochet hook for the nupps. Better pictures and more details once I have good pictures taken.

Here are some links that have been hanging out in my Saved folder to share with you:

What Colour Is It? uses hex codes to translate the current time in to the associated color.

How Caron One Pound Yarn is made. I had no idea that the oblong skein shape was basically just a ball of yarn smooshed.

Knit Darling writes about when Moths Attack (shudder)

Pet dinos are kind of jerks

The secret to becoming a great knitter? Read your knitting.

More textile mill p0rn. I mean, more textile and fiber mill pictures.

The Essential Herbal Blog has something to say about ingesting those essential oils (don't do it)

The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets

The Harvard Library That Protects The Worlds Rarest Colors

Self Care for the Hands - Take care of those hands, crafters! has a collection of antique and vintage knitting books available for your perusal

How commercial patterning yarn is made:

That's all for now. Happy knitting!

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