Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vacation from staycation and deep thoughts

My half-week staycation didn't work out too well. One day was spent working. One day was spent getting a dying car to the garage, the rest of the day buying a new car. One day staring at the wall and trying not to think too hard about the math on buying a new car. Finally, very late Friday night we said forget it and decided to go to Hannibal, MO first thing in the morning.

Hello, Gorgeous.
[I think for the amount of money we spent to have the car fully checked out that someone ought to have told us that the first repair (replacing motor mounts) would break every single thing that had been under stress prior to the repair. Yoinks.]
Hanging with Mark Twain
Do you believe in signs? The first resale shop we walked in (so many good resale shops) had these two vases right inside the front door. They're shaped like orange cones of yarn. Not thread. Yarn. They're the same size of the cones I use for yarn. One is a two-ply yarn and the other is a single.
The yarn on the left cone looks almost identical to the yarn I used to knit the Calorimetry headband below.
The next shop we went to had a life size horse. Scott thinks it was made out of plaster. I think it was made out of evil spirits and horse.

Later, we found this amazing yarn bowl made by Ayres Pottery. We tucked it away on the ride home, but I managed half a row on my balcony last night before rain started. It's such a pretty purple.

I'm going to get serious now.

When we woke up on Sunday, we read the news of the Orlando shooting.

I can't get my head around it. We've been reading the stories of the victims and listening to what our politicians say. I understand the importance of the second amendment, but in the name of sanity, don't you think that James Madison and the Congressional Convention would have made a provision that kept assault rifles out of the hands of terror suspects if they could have foreseen this world?

I keep thinking of all of the LGBT friends we've had, especially our younger friends, and how often many of them went to the clubs just like Pulse. Or the time we were sitting on the patio of an LGBT coffee house and someone yelled "faggot" and fired a gun at the patio. The time I almost got fired from a department store for helping a trans woman pick out clothes. The half dozen or so kids--many of whom I barely knew--who came out to me when, in my early 20s, I seemed like the only grown up in their lives who would accept them. I think about all the people who I know now who are still afraid to come out. People who have internalized homophobia so deeply that they are destroying themselves from the inside out. I think about all of the LGBT knitters who have walked through my life and my jobs. And I think about my friends. Damn, kids. It could have been you.

This has to stop. All of it just has to stop. All of this. At all levels. You have to vote. I'm urging you to go vote this fall. Vote on the Pro-Sanity ticket. Vote to destroy the tyranny of the gun control lobby. Whether pro-gun or anti-gun, we can all agree that terrorists don't get the right to have guns. Not anymore.

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