Monday, August 8, 2016

Ch-ch-changes, and also a ch-ch-choo


There are two fully written posts sitting in my drafts folder that I apparently never posted even though I thought I had. Whoops. At least I remembered to talk about their content in the podcast.

The tl;dr version of those posts are a) Hey! I saw a big train being moved by a big crane and it was the best thing ever!; and b) Hey! It's raining from my kitchen ceiling and everything needed to be moved so we rearranged everything we own and now my apartment makes sense possibly for the first time ever or at least it will when there isn't a giant hole in my ceiling.; and c) run-on sentences are fun!

In March of next year the business turns 10. I'm thinking a lot about what I want Dyeabolical to look like for the next 10 years. I've come up with a small list that feels very big.
  • I know I want to offer more knitting and crochet needles and notions, especially ones that may be hard to find in a local yarn store and especially needles and tools that I myself prefer to use or that I know are preferred by my customers and have been tested for quality. This means knitting and crocheting. Ugh, more swatching. :P
  • I want my in-stock photos (wood background) to be as good as my dyed-to-order photos (white background) and I want to up my Instagram game. Step 1: Order a new backdrop (left). Step 2: Finally figure out what the heck I'm doing with both my camera camera and my iPhone camera. [This link is a little spammy feeling, but I watched one of their videos and learned a ton about using the iPhone camera. Be prepared for lots of follow up emails from the site asking you to buy their products, though.]
  • You know how I have a newsletter, but I rarely use that newsletter? Yeah...I don't have writers block so much as I have coders block. Put the html where now? CSSwhat? Drag the content block where? I'm switching over to a service that will hopefully help me automate some of those things. They take my blog/pinterest/etsy/instagram feeds, I add some words, and shazam, I have a newsletter. Shiny. [You may get an email from the service sometime in the next few weeks when I upload my subscribers list.They just want to confirm that you still want to read my newsletter.]
  • I've picked up some skills while working in the yarn shop all of those years, and I'm not usually shy sharing my opinions or knitting skills, so why don't I? I should, right? I would love to get some tutorials and patterns together over the next few years that I can share on the Dyeabolical website (and here, of course).
Do you have any suggestions or ideas? What would you like to see on the Dyeabolical website or on this blog? Are there any topics you would like me to talk about? Any questions you'd like answered? Something you've always been wondering? Need a pattern suggestions for a Dyeabolical (or non-Dyeabolical?) yarn you have in stash? Technique you'd like demonstrated? General comment or random venting? I'm all ears.

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