Saturday, October 22, 2016

Retiring Colors and a Preview


I am busy working on an exciting new line of colors for the shop that will debut later this year. I currently offer over 100 different colors in the shop on 13 different bases, all dyed by me out of my kitchen. I love being able to offer so many options, but I need to make some room if I am going to launch a new line. As of November 5 the following colors will be going in to retirement:
If you miss the November 5th cut off, don't worry! I am keeping the dye recipes and dyes for awhile longer. I am happy to do a special order if a full dye lot is purchased (2-4 skeins depending on color).

And what about this exciting new line of colors?  Here is a preview.

Right? I am still developing the colorways, deciding if they will be offered dyed-to-order or a more traditional shop update, which base yarns they will be offered on, etc. If you have a few minutes I would appreciate it so much if you could help me by filling out this survey here. Survey closed. Thank you so much to everyone who answered. More details on the new gradients will be coming later.

Thank you so much!


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