Sunday, November 13, 2016

Podcast Delay

Ok, so it’s been almost a month since I’ve done a proper full length podcast. Between the work being done at home last week (painting and carpet cleaning), the orders coming in from the retirement colors plus holiday orders, and just a stressful week, I didn’t manage to get a new podcast recorded until yesterday. I just listened to the audio back and it’s bad and needs re-recording. Womp womp!

I’m in the busy season now, so my focus is on dyeing and packing orders, but I will re-record and edit if I can carve out a few hours in the next week or two.

Some reminders:
  • Fish Lips KAL ends 11/30
  • Any holiday orders for dyed-to-order yarns and fibers should be placed by 11/26.
  • An in-stock update will happen early in December.
  • Use the coupon code SHIP50 for free shipping on US orders over $50
In my next episode I’m going to devote most of the time talking about the basics of dyeing yarn, a little bit about the different types of dyes available to yarn dyers, and the chemistry of yarn dyeing so I hope it is worth the wait.

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