Friday, July 15, 2016

Episode 6: Soooo Busy

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What's Off My Needles:
Susan B. Anderson's Octopus using Dyeabolical Yarns Targhee Sock in the Watercolor Stripes version of Mint to Be

What's On My Needles:

Tappan Zee by Amy King out of handspun


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The Shifter Romances the Writer by Kristen Painter, narrated by B.J. Harrison
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In Stock Update
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

So many things: Shop Update Edition

I'm feeling pretty good about my productivity this week. We're in the summer slump, so I've had some time to fiddle around in the Etsy shop and get some things accomplished in preparation for the fall season--despite the power going out for 10 hours right in the middle of writing this post! Here is what's new in the shop. Fair warning, it's a lot!

Shop Update
  • Have you always wanted to order a dyed-to-order yarn or fiber but hesitated at the 3-4 week wait time? Now is a great time to order. We're in the summer slump and most orders can get out faster than that. I'm also expecting a big order of base yarns next week that will help keep shipping times closer to 2-3 weeks as we head in to fall. 
  • 2 weeks is too long to wait, you say? I can help with that! I made a big shop update this week and there are tons of 1 & 2 skein listings available to ship immediately.
  • Are you ready for some sparkles? I hope so, because I've bought so much Shimmer yarn that I'm going to need you to take some of it off my hands. Shimmer is a fingering weight 92% superwash merino/8% lurex blend. The metallic lurex thread is actually one ply of a smooth 4-ply yarn. The lurex adds a little weight to the blend, clocking in at 355 yards per 100 grams. This extra bit of weight, and the smooth ply, means this blend is great for shawls. You can also use this blend for socks if you choose. I would recommend a tight gauge of 8+ stitches per inch for socks since there is no nylon content. 
  • Do you knit taller socks and need coordinating heels & toes? Maybe you want to knit a worsted weight hat with a stripe in your favorite team color? Are you planning a big project and need a bigger sample to swatch with? I've got you covered. 25 gram heels & toes minis are now available, ranging from 45 yards for worsted weight to 108 yards for sock weight.

    These are bigger than the mini skein sets that I sometimes offer (10 grams) and bigger than the samples I sent out (5 grams). 4 Heels & Toes minis = a full size skein of yarn!

    I've selected my most popular semisolid colors, but if you need a different color or one of my variegated colors then just ask. I can do most of the colorways as minis. 
  • Have you visited the Ravelry group lately? There are 4 new threads. 2 are giveaway threads for Knit. Dye. Read. listeners. You are welcome to listen even if you aren't currently a podcast listener, but the winner will be announced on the podcast only.

    The other 2 threads are to talk about your knitting, crocheting, dyeing, weaving, spinning, etc. The one called Dyeabolical FO(es) and WIPS is for sharing your Dyeabolical projects only. Chat is allowed in the Dyeabolical FO(es) and WIPs thread, but please limit your project posts to one WIP post (you can update your progress) and one FO post per project. This will make it easier to pull random prizes in the future.

    The second project thread, called "What are you working on?" is for chat and pictures about any project that you are working on as long as it is fiber or craft related in some way. You can be using any yarn, any pattern, any fiber, any fabric, etc. It's just a place for us to chat about what we are knitting. 
  • I've made a few more tweaks to the blog, including a title change to Knit. Dye. Read. and activated which redirects here. [The official URL of the blog is still because I cannot seem to figure out whether or not changing that URL will ruin everything. I think it might.] Even though I do talk about Dyeabolical business here (obviously), I also talk about books, projects made with other peoples yarns, personal updates, etc. It makes sense to me that the blog is related but separate. Long time readers know that the Dyeabolical blog wasn't always called Dyeabolical. It was a knitting blog first that had the business stuff rolled in later. 
  • Edit to add: One last thing! This week I found out that someone (not sure who or why, but I'm just going to assume they meant well) had created a second Dyeabolical page on Facebook without my permission and was posting with my business info and images as if they were me. It looks like almost 1000 of my fans had inadvertently liked that page instead of my real page. The fake page has since been shut down. Here is my correct Facebook page. I'm sorry for that inconvenience.
WHEW. And now it's time to finish up the last few dye pots for this week. I'm hoping to record a new podcast tomorrow or Monday that basically goes over this same information for the podcast listeners, so if you see the same info twice then that's why. Happy knitting! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Show Notes - Episode 5: Like I Need a New Hobby

If you are reading this through email then you may need to click through to the website to listen to the podcast directly from the blog.
What's Off My Needles:
Susan B. Anderson's 50 Row Shawlette made from 3 colors of Noro Silk Garden, alternating every row.

What's On My Needles:

Back is Black by Valentina Cosciani out of Louet Euroflax in the Eggplant colorway

Lemongrass by Joji Locatelli out of Peace Fleece in bright orange

Tappan Zee by Amy King out of handspun

Customer Spotlight
 Katherine1107's Boquet of Asters in a Patinaed Copper Urn

What's in the Shop/Giveaway:
I pulled a winner for the Katatomic giveaway and announced 2 new giveaways. More details can be found in the Ravelry thread. I will pull a winner on July 30.

On the Nightstand:
The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness by

We Should All Be Feminists by

I Do It with the Lights On: And 10 More Discoveries on the Road to a Blissfully Shame-Free Life by

The Library at Mount Char by

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything by

The Practical Spinner's Guide - Silk by

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Friday, July 1, 2016

New Fiber Colors

From L to R: 66 Sunset dyed on Falkland and Fawn Shetland, Inscrutable Mystery dyed on Falkland ans Fawn Shetland
Rainbow Vista dyed on Falkland and Fawn Shetland, Iris You Were Here dyed on Falkland and Fawn Shetland
Mint to Be dyed on Falkland and Fawn Shetland, Solitaire dyed on Falkland and Fawn Shetland
New Fiber Colors!

6 of the newest colors are now available on all 6 fiber blends. Click here to order your braid of fiber custom dyed for you. 

Dyed-to-order is currently running at about 3 weeks from order to shipping. If you need a braid faster, ask me! I have the braids used for the above pictures in stock. They haven't made it on to the website yet, so if you would like to order one just email me and I can ship it out first thing next week.